Sample Classes


What to Expect 

During the introduction class we will sing, dance, play instruments and move together - all while respecting each child's temperament and learning style. We provide a welcoming, safe, developmentally appropriate, playful environment which best supports learning in very young children. Any grown-up caregiver may bring the child to class and up to two grownups can attend anytime. We encourage each grownup to participate in the fun, but don't worry about your own ability to keep a beat or sing in tune- we are a safe place to relax and enjoy your own inborn love of music and play too! 

Our Location

Our studio is in a neighborhood just blocks from SFA at 2806 N Pecan St. Our white house with brown trim is on the north east corner of Nelson and Pecan St. just one block south of the street with Chick-fil-A (Pine St.). Nelson is not accessible from North St, so enter through Pine St. Parking is on the curb on Nelson or in the grass and grass driveway by my car. See you soon!