Hear what people are saying

Best money you can spend on your child! I would give Brandi an A+ rating!

--Dawn, a Music Together® mom


I love it! My LO loves diapers changes, car rides, and other little things so much more now that we’ve added music to it, and she even tried to sing along now! One of the best things you can do for your child!

--Brittany, a Lullaby class mom


Jack has been attending this last semester, and he has gone from covering my mouth and "shushing" me when I would try to sing to him, to singing himself to sleep and singing along with anyone who is! In fact, just now he sang "Thank you Mo-oom" to me when I opened his applesauce. :P

The classes are fun, well-organized, versatile and full of love. Ms. Brandi is a wonderful, kind and patient teacher, and knows just how to encourage your little ones to participate at the right time, when they're ready. She'll give hints on how to stimulate and support music at home.

I highly recommend these classes - we will be returning again. Hope to see you next semester!!

 --Kathy, a Music Together mom


We have been doing Music Together with Miss Brandi for nearly 2 years now and we love it! My sons love going to class to sing, dance and play instruments. At home, I hear them sing the songs to themselves and even my 3 year old makes up his own lyrics to the tunes. My now 6 year old can play songs by ear on the piano- I feel like Music Together engrained a strong musical sense in him. Also, Brandi has a wonderful way of making everyone feel at home together and gives helpful tips and facts to us parents about music education for our kids. All in all, it's a blast!

--Jocelyn, a Music Together mom


This is the most fun I’ve had in a long time. It is a wonderful way of helping kiddos learn more about music. They learn about tempo, pitch, harmony and much more. It’s a great bonding activity to do with your child! We have so much fun and get to be so silly! Thanks so much to the people or person responsible for Eversong and so many thanks to Brandi who is a super teacher!! Eversong rocks!!!

--Jill, a Music Together grandma