Terms, Policies, and Liability Waiver

We are thrilled to finally be able to make Music Together® in person with you and yours! In order to keep everyone as safe as possible, and in order to be in compliance with the requirements for our business set forth by the state, we ask for your cooperation in following the procedures outlined below.

Parent or Caregiver responsibility: I understand that enrolling in a class means I have read and agreed to the liability waiver at the botton of this page.

Continuous Enrollment: I understand that if I enroll in an 8 week regular collection class I will automatically be enrolled in the next 8 week semester unless I give notice through email or text by week 6 of the current collection. 

This does not apply to collections shorter than 8 weeks such as summer classes or seasonal classes.


Before you leave home: Please do a quick self-assessment and stay home if you or anyone living in your home is showing any one of these symptoms: fever, cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, other respiratory symptoms or any two of these symptoms: chills, repeated shaking with chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat or new loss of taste or smell. Also, please stay home if you or anyone you’ve been in close contact with has been exposed to COVID-19.


What to bring: Covid-19 has not shown to be transmitted excessively through surfaces, so we will resume handing out clean instruments and props during class. We disinfect instruments before use. Please pack a blanket for your family to sit on. This will also provide a clear visual boundary for maintaining distance. You will also want sunscreen and water bottles. New Families will be given a scarf for each member of your family your first semester. We ask you keep these scarves in your car or bag so they are available when needed.


When you arrive: All participants are asked to maintain distance from other families on arrival. Because many of our families interact in pre-school or other places, some families are much more relaxed about children interacting. If your family needs strict distancing, please speak to the teacher so we can implement a more helpful policy for your family. Please use hand sanitizer or wash your hands thoroughly before entering the designated outdoor classroom space. 


Setting up and enjoying class time: Please bring your own blanket to provide a visual barrier and plan to set up your space a minimum of 8 ft. apart from the next family. Toddlers will naturally want to move around, so adults are asked to be proactive in guiding your child away from other participating families. If a family is having difficulty with distancing guidelines, a partial credit may be given for a future enrollment when regulations become less strict.


Restroom use: Families are encouraged to use the restroom at home. A restroom is available for emergencies and we ask that you spray the areas you touch with the provided no wipe cleaner.


Weather: Music Together Outdoors comes with obstacles beyond our control. Classes will take place outside, rain or shine, unless the ground is too wet or the heat is too extreme. If we are unable to meet outside, we will meet via Zoom at the same time as your regularly scheduled class. Families will be notified of changes via the Facebook group.

Make-ups: Makeups will be offered via Zoom during the fall session. Generally, makeups must be scheduled during the session in which they are missed and cannot be carried over to subsequent sessions. Please note that we cannot offer refunds or credits.

Media: The teacher may occasionally snap a photograph or video of your family during class to share with you. We will always ask permission before we use a photo or video of your family on social media or our website.

Liability Waiver: I agree not to hold Eversong Music Center (a.k.a. Eversong), Brandi Cartwright, and its representatives responsible for injuries or accidents in connection with Eversong practices or performances on or off-site. If any injury appears serious enough for hospitalization or medical attention, such expense will be borne by the parents or guardian. In case of injury or illness, I grant permission to any available physician to perform emergency treatment for my child(ren)/ward(s) as deemed necessary. I agree that Eversong is not responsible for personal items (including instruments and cell phones) broken, brought or left at any Eversong teaching facility or event (including but not limited to classes, playdates, etc.). I understand and voluntarily assume all risks inherent in the nature of this activity and I waive and release all claims, costs, liabilities, expenses and judgements against Eversong and its representatives arising out of my participation or my child’s participation in Eversong activities. I agree that Brandi or Eversong representatives may take media, photographs or video of me and my child, unless I respond by email requesting media, photographs or video not be taken. Brandi may use the media, photographs, and video on social media, advertising, or website. By enrolling in classes, I agree that I have read this document and I hereby waive and release Eversong and any contracted teachers, from any liability for any injuries and illness incurred while my child(ren)/ward(s) under my care or I are on Eversong facilities or at Eversong events. You MUST be 18 years or older to enroll in classes indicating that you have read this waiver. You MUST be the Parent or Legal Guardian to sign for a minor (under age 18).

By Registering for class you agree to these terms and policies and our liability waiver.

We can’t wait to carry on with the serious business of making music together!