Music Together Mixed Age classes are for children newborn to five years old. Older siblings are welcome to attend if they will participate in the class. Siblings 8 months and younger are free with an enrolled sibling. Other classes are as specified by class description. To register online create an account below. For questions call or text (918) 695-8112or email

Hello Winter- ONLINE and OUTDOORS! Our winter semester is 8 weeks long plus a bonus Winter Wonder Jam session for 3 weeks in December. Please send a Facebook message or text (918) 695-8112 if you have any questions. 
Music Together® Mixed Ages
8 week semester:
$125 per for the first student for outdoor classes. 
$25 for your second child
third child is free.
8 Week Online semester:
$125 per family. 
$5 sibling fee 
Your tuition for Music Together Family classes includes one professionally recorded CD, a digital access code, and a beautifully illustrated songbook with family activity suggestions. Classes also include parent education to help adults understand and enhance their child's music development. Families will receive a quarterly e-newsletter, access to the national informative website, access to their songs through our app Hello Everybody, and New Families receive the booklet Music and YOur Child, a guide for parents and cargivers. For our ONLINE only families, you will have a Live 30-40 minute Zoom class plus occasional bonus videos. Outdoor class participants will also have access to our online videos. We will also have additional video content in the Facebook group in the form of Educational Moment posts, lullabies, crafts, and more! 
Art classes: 
Doodle Drums Series- Not in session due to covid.
$10 for 1 child
$5 for a sibling
1/2 price for first child if enrolled in Music Together Mixed Age class.
Music Together Play Date: a bonus Music Together class- Not in session due to covid.
$10/family OR bring another family and both pay $5. 
Register Rec Center class through the Rec Center by calling 936-559-2960
Rhythm Kids by Music Together: ONLINE we will have one Zoom class per week and bonus videos available in the Facebook group as well as downloadable content in the form of activity sheets.
8 week semester:
Online: $140 per family 
Outdoors: $140 first child
                  $65 siblings
Jingle Jam Mini Session:
Winter Elephant Semester (8 weeks) PLUS Jingle Jam mini session (3 weeks in Decmeber):
$160 ($15 savings)
For Rhythm Kids ONLINE we will use whatever drum or box or bin is available at home.
Drum fee: $30 djembe fee per enrollment (8in head/16in tall) for your first semester. Additional drums have addtional fees. Rhythm Kids 1 students (4-5 year olds) and summer students are not required to have drums at home, but it is suggested. *You may source your own djembe, if you wish, but this is a good deal. Summer families may rent a drum for $15 for the 6 week semester. Drum price not available for the summer semester:
*If price is an issue for your family please contact us ASAP to discuss a discount or scholarship for your family.
There is a discount if you have children in both Mixed Ages and Rhythm Kids. Payment Plans available on request.

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Checks or cash are our preferred option. Checks payable to Eversong.

Pay online through PayPal

 or with a debit card at the studio.

You may register online and mail a payment OR pay with Paypal. You may also drop the payment and registration form by the studio.

Please contact us with any questions.

*Please note that your space will be held upon receipt of payment.
*All payments are non-refundable after the first class.
*If you would like to make a payment plan, please contact 
*We reserve the right to change or cancel any class. 
*Nac Learning League members, please make an account here.

*If your class requires a second choice, but you can't make another time, please just leave a comment during registration to let me know. Thanks!