Babies under 4 months

Brandi Cartwright
Eversong (location info)
Tue, Wed, TBA
01/15/19 - 03/06/19 (8 weeks)


Babies need Music Together® too! We have several options for babies and I suggest doing both if you can.


Our Music Together Lullaby Class has been designed for parents and caregivers of young children (non mobile children) 8 months old or younger and expectant parents to introduce you to the many ways in which lullabies are so important for children’s development. This class will also provide you with the chance to learn new lullabies and revisit familiar ones, and give you new ways to share these songs with your children and families. This class is designed as a series of three once a month classes, but can be taken individually.


Babies under 4 months old are free in our Mixed Age classes. This weekly option plus what you can learn in the lullaby class on how to interact musically with your child is the perfect set up for families with a new baby. 

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